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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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tonight. the concert on the parkway delayed. now pushing back as fireworks show on this fourth of july. your news starts in 30 seconds. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. a party on the parkway tonight but mother nature almost washed it away. the skies opened up.
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heavy rain, people ran for cover, even used their chairs to try to cover up. that monsoon feel of a storm forced officials to put back the firework on the parkway look at this the show still going on at penn's landing. thousands of pounds of pyrotechnics just lighting up the sky along the delaware river. despite the rain, there's no better place to celebrate the birth of our nation than right here where it all began. good evening to you, happy fourth of july to you. celebrations tonight across the delaware valley and down the shore and that is where we find fox 29's chris o'connell live in margate. hello, chris. >> reporter: good evening, lucy. the fourth of july holiday now just wrapping up down here at the shore we're here along the beach in margate where a phenomenal fireworks display just ended, one of many displays happening down the shore. a lot of people now started to head for home as reality sets in. with the rockets red glare and
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the fireworks bursting in air, the fourth of july holiday in margate is going out with a bank. >> happy fourth of july! >> reporter: family day on the beach and a nighttime visit to the ice cream shop in stone harbor was the perfect way to end the fourth of july holiday. >> it's wonderful. it's families, it's friendly, just happy. >> reporter: beach goers were busy clicking selfies and squeezing in every last ounce of the holiday. and some celebrated on the water with the annual independence day boat parade. >> the sun, sand, surf, kids love it. it's tremendous. >> i like the ocean and i like when i can find things. >> reporter: you found some shells, didn't you? >> yeah. >> reporter: for many a stroll down 96th street wrapped up a four-day long holiday away from work.
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>> i'm able to be at the beach which i love. i'm able to spend time with my family which i love. >> reporter: as visitors pack up the cars and head for the parkway, those who live here say the busy holiday means more than just sun and fun. it's big bucks for those who make their living on holidays like this. >> i do like the fourth of july. i like to keep uncle sam smiling and it's one of the best times of the summer. >> reporter: and the good news at least for us down here all those thunderstorms you had in the city didn't even touch us down here at the shore. it was dry for fireworks. a lot of people now including us now headed for home, lucy. >> i was going to ask you if you got some rain or not because it literally opened up above us. for a second we thought it was firework but it wasn't. good -- it was perfect down he here. >> perfect. all right. chris o'connell. be safe on the roads tonight. so we saw what happened on the parkway for the welcome america festival no problems
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down the shore tonight for the fireworks and all the people out on the boardwalk in wildwood. unfortunately, for folks it is back to work together. meteorologist monica cryan here with the forecast. you and i looking at the radar looking outside going oh, my. >> we were looking at it. it looked like it was going to clip just to the south of philadelphia island it through the last three hours, and here's where it looke looked like it ws going to slip off to the south and popped further north a lot of philadelphia saw really heavy rain. the good thing is, there was no severe thunderstorm warning with this. we weren't looking at gusty winds or hail anything too dangerous. there was a little bit of lightning and very heavy rain. so that's what caused a lot of problems on the parkway fort big concert event. here we are looking at the same cell. it's continuing to travel just to the north of the ac expressway. it's going to pass to the north of atlantic city through beach haven and pass off into the atlantic and now we're starting to dry things out just a few isolated showers to contend with
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as we head through the next few hours. here's a look at your temperatures. 71 in philadelphia. 72 in millville that will cool things down quickly. any time you see rain temperatures are going to cool. that's what we have. 75 in pottstown. little bit warmer up in allentown where they missed out on that rain. for tomorrow, right back into the swing of things with work, temperatures at 69 degrees around 8:00 a.m. noontime we're looking at temperatures around 78. we're actually reaching a high of 84a few degrees cooler than yesterday. and today. so we're looking at temperatures starting to cool down a bit. i'll let you know how long that lasts for coming up a look at your full forecast. lucy. >> sounds like we got a lot to talk about. thank you very much, monica. just wild rain and we are talking major downpours came down on thousand on the parkway tonight. delaying the headliner mary j. blige and the big fireworks show. our joanne pileggi, smack dab in the miffled it all. wait a second. your hair looks perfect. do you that happen, joanne? >> reporter: hey, lucy, mother
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nature had her way here tonight. it was a near perfect night. it almost went as planned and then there was a deluge, a downpour and a delay of the headline act and now a delay of the fireworks. ♪ >> reporter: so here's what's happening. mary j. blige waited until the rain stopped and the sky cleared and she took the stage at 9:25. here's a little of her show. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the evening started with a phillies pops and phillie's own boys to men. the audience thrilled. and singing along.
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>> it is great to see everybody come together and just enjoy one occasion. i mean everybody has their take on fourth of july and i'm just here to enjoy the show and enjoy everybody coming together. that's basically what it is. >> the parkway was just one giant party and then coming in here there's so many people that are happy to be here. >> reporter: okay. here's what happened at the ti time. boys ii men just walk off the stage. the sky got very dark. the clouds opened up and it was an absolute deluge, downpour. lots of people left. but i'll tell was we're here on a lot of people came back and waiting for the fireworks and listening to the finale and end of the mary j. blige show which should go until about 10:20 the firework are expected to begin around 10:25 here tonight. all in all, you know, some
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people got wet. they got a little muddy but everybody still happy. everybody still having a fairly good time here along the parkw parkway. >> all right. sounds good, joanne pell will he gee, thank you so much. of course, our fireworks specials continue. we'll head to camden very soon. tonight we know the name of the utility worker who died in a natural gas explosion in lancaster county over the weekend. 54-year-old richard boulder lost his life while responding to a report avenue gas leak. two other employees are injured and ntsb is investigating as jurisdictions over major pipelines. developing story out of north philadelphia. neighbors found a child size coffin along the 3,000 block of west clearfield street. the discovery is unsettling enough, but it was what was inside that little coffin that has police on the case. fox 29's dave kinchen explains. philadelphia police worked the 3,000 block of west clearfield street in north philadelphia where a child size
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coffin was found but with no body inside. >> i've lived here for 40 years. >> reporter: ever hear of anything like this. >> no, never. >> reporter: vanessa brown has a lot of questions after witnesses say a group of people found the coffin partially wrapped in trash bag. inside police say there was a bag filled with organs belonging to an infant or small child. >> the organs, i just can't picture that. i'm so sad that, you know, this happened. >> reporter: the discovery was made some time after 9:00 last night. chris names james was among the first to have a look. >> look straight out of thriller or something like that. we didn't know something going to pop out or eat us. we didn't know if something was a life in there. >> reporter: the lid of the coffin appeared to be pride open since the screws were loosened. >> we didn't want to open it we didn't know what was inside. toxic waist could be in the. anything. >> reporter: cops say the coffin seemed fresh and may have been taken from a funeral home or dug from a fresh grave. it was found across the street from cemetery. so police check it and another
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cemetery from the air with a helicopter but they did not find any fresh graves. >> disturbing. fresh disturbing. >> reporter: cadaver dog took a look and found nothing. police are checking with area funeral homes to see if there's missing a body orcas coat the medical examiner will do further analysis of the coffin and the two organs inside to try to get to the bottom of this mystery. in north philadelphia, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. new jersey is back open for business early this morning new jersey governor chris christie signed state's budget after three-day government shut down. the government signed a $34.7 billion budget agreement. the deal included reshaping the state's largest health care horizon blue cross blue shield of new jersey which covers 4 million people. allstate parks, beaches and marine nasri opened for the holiday after shutting down because of the impass. one of the consequences of the government shut down in n folks could not renew documents like driver licenses, permits, registrationings and inspection
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stickers as it should the motor vehicle commission is granting a two-day extension for those documents. so if you had any documents that expired on friday, you'll now have until this thursday to renew them. bringing communities together to celebrate. that's what they did tonight in camden. man, did families show up. what an interesting take on the fourth. hang? >> it's hank. wear old clothes wave a flag, work if you want to it's fourth of july and you're american. hank's take coming up. ♪ one of the best parts of our nation's birthday celebrations rockets red glare. all these breath taking. ♪
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hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ philadelphia one person has died after a crash on i-95. police say a 60-year-old man lot of control of his car driving south near front street. he slammed into another car. sending that driver to the hospital with minor injuries. police are not releasing the driver's name until they reach his family. big-time rain closing out the fourth in many communities across our area. camden is no exception. but that did not stop people from going to wiggins waterfront park for the concert and fireworks display. the fun kicked off with a salute to our country's veterans followed by performances by the cherry pop and daddies and american if you know bad war. both great groups. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more from camden. ♪ >> reporter: people packed the lawn at wiggins waterfront park in camden tonight for july 4th
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fireworks on the delaware. >> what are ya'll excited about tonight? >> the fireworks. >> reporter: the solomon family says mom made sure they were dressed for the occasion. >> every time holiday comes we just like get dressed and i love for everyone to dress a like or go along with the theme. just something that we do for every holiday. >> reporter: cherry pop and daddies kick off the pre fireworks festivities and got everyone on their feet. >> we come out every year. so just tradition. >> reporter: shanice, fiance' and their children plan to be here till the end including baby savannah. >> tell what she's wearing. >> this is savannah and she is wearing her very own fourth of july red and blue tutu created by mommy. say hi. ! >> happy fourth of july. >> reporter: family night was a tough sell though for 14-year-old david. >> you look so happy to be here. >> i guess. [ laughter ] >> just come along for the ride. >> did they drag you here?
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>> yup. >> reporter: yup. [ laughter ] >> are you interested in anything that's going to happen here tonight? >> just the fireworks. >> reporter: the theme of the day is celebrating america's birthday most say it's also about family. >> we feel good. we altogether. we family. we love each other. that's what it's about. >> reporter: in camden, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. momentous occasion fourth of july tradition in philadelphia. it's all about being american actually it's about becoming american. [ applause ] >> america's newest young citizens rang the bell today at the betsy ross house in old ci city. this wonderful tradition the children's citizenship ceremony happens every single year on independence day. >> i was born an american. my mother did most of the hard work. when it came to my american sit ten ship but you actually and your families have chosen this country and you've chosen to work hard to become citizens and
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really wonderful part even though i was born here as a citizen, you and i are equals now. we're equal. every single right that i had born here you've earned it. >> 13 children became american citizens and that number is no accident. it represents a 13 original colonies. so congratulations. tonight's hang's take what else? fourth of july here in philadelphia. what should you do to celebrate hank says whatever you want. but while you're at it remember the us is still the best place on the hank net to just do you on this fourth. here's hank. ♪ >> i promise the wait is well worth the while. >> reporter: it's hank. it's fourth of july here in philadelphia. thanks to these guys and few thousand othe others we're free. >> do whatever you want. ♪ >> reporter: wear those pants you've been waiting all year to
10:17 pm
wear. segment take a segue tour. do you care that. ♪ >> reporter: want to be pop star go for it. >> hold up a sign holding for a borings to be abolished if you want. >> his hence can china when they protest abortion, they have they have to get out of the car, do something real quick and get back in the car and run or they'll be arrested. we have freedom of speech. it's protected here. i'm very appreciative of that. >> reporter: you can play the hammered dawson. bust out your best red, white and blue gear. it's your world. you can wave a giant flag with daughters of the american revolution. >> reporter: the rocket's red glare ♪ >> you can do like a lot of work and the holiday. >> pretzels and water. >> nothing more than american than making bank. >> making the money. showing we're freed to it. >> reporter: go ahead scare people with your outrageous hot
10:18 pm
rod, protest trump if you want it's all game. didn't it all start with a revolution. >> it's not just the time waving a flag and drinks and lemonade. and having hotdogs. it's a day to say we declare independence. >> reporter: you can be a beauty queen in america that's cool. >> i respect america, love america forever. >> reporter: how about that? all right. you can even be miss america on the fourth of july like savvy shields talk about game day. >> more than ever am i proud to be an american this year. seeing our servicemen and women in action i've never been more proud to be an american. >> reporter: you can be a cool marching band or muster up to beat the bridge. you can wear matching t-shirts. you can dance all by yourself. you get the point. we've got our issues but the u.s. is still the best place in the world to be you any way you want to do it. it's the best thing going. don't you ever doubt it.
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>> happy independence day. i'm hank and that's my take. [ applause ] >> all right. got to wait for it here. just wait. wow! that is a garden shed exploding leaving so much damage investigators can't be sure what sparked it. but they think it was a bad light of all things. all right. you find a shark in your front yard. that's weird. but this is the second time it happened at the same house. one family says believe it. ♪ remember our special night?
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10:22 pm should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi... ...include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d with viberzi. take a look at this incredible explosion. it ripped apart that little shed. garden shed. blue up in yorkshire, he know lap security cameras rolling at the time. fire investigators sayre their best guess is that gas vapor built up in the shed and that a faulty fluorescent light sparked it. nobody is hurt, though. a literal shark's tail out of southern virginia has one family scratching their head. they found an 18-inch shark in their yard it's the not first time it's happened. fox's joe fisher has that fishtail. >> reporter: stretching 18-inches from head to tail. >> it's kind of an novelty. >> a find so fitting for this family. >> what do you think of this shark? >> cool and disgusting.
10:23 pm
>> reporter: you see this story is less about the hammer head shark. >> it's really need shape. >> reporter: and more about the people who found it. visiting virginia beach from fort wayne, indiana. >> jogging along banking out my eight and half minute miles. >> reporter: there it was on grassy patch near 70th and atlantic at the ocean front. not far from the beach. >> it is out of the ordinary. you don't exactly expect to see sharks on land. >> reporter: david lee knew what he had to do. >> i'm like, well, it will kill me if i don't bring it back. >> reporter: together with aunt sue they been down this road before. two years ago, also under annual trip to town seven-year-old alex lee found a dog fish shark that landed in their backyard after a bird lost its grip. >> i said david, we have got to contact -- what are the chances of the same family finding two sharks. >> reporter: the interest from neighbors and even strangers is why bowser has kept the first shark in her freezer for the
10:24 pm
past two years. >> a lot of people really want to see it. i had people like the male person i mean different people just wanted to come by and sue, you still have to shark? i said i do. report roar this time they'll keep the hammer head at least for a little longer. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: tightly wrapped back in the freezer next to the homemade applesauce. >> this one is smelly. >> reporter: it might not last long but it likely won't be the last. we'll come back and maybe we'll find a great white somewhere. [ laughter ] >> interesting. all righty then. fourth of july isn't all about the parties and one group wants to give those without a placing to not just a home but some hope on this holiday. history and founding fathers and boys ii men philly has it all this fourth of july.
10:25 pm
♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going.
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we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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happening right now display of american freedom in the nation's capitol. there it is. white house all lit up in red, white and blue to celebrate america's 241st birthday. all right. let's take live look over the ben franklin parkway right now. we're still waiting on those firework. weather of course delayed a big show. mary j. blige took awhile to get back on stage h to make all the equipment was good. that domino effect thing. the firework haven't gone off yet. they were supposed to go off at 10:00. we're upping they should should be ten minutes or so. but penn's landing was gorgeous about half hour ago.
10:29 pm
when it comes to the fourth of july there's usually a little something for everyone, right? whether it's cook outs, hitting the beach or fireworks. each community from coast to coast has their own twist on independence day. fox's anna kooiman takes look. >> reporter: fireworks flags a whole lot of -- america celebrates 241 years of up pennsylvania with a potpourri of patriotism. small town parades drawing crowds in places like gran grandville, michigan vice-president mike pence paid a visit. >> well, you know, the parade is special because of our liberty the freedom we have in the united states. but then when we heard that pence was coming we wanted to show them our support. >> tens of thousands of people that come out to celebrate our country's birth, we just couldn't pass up being here, and i'll tell you it's lived up to every expectation that we had. >> reporter: expectations were new york's coney island. california native joey chestnut set a new record devouring 72 franks in just ten minutes and
10:30 pm
nathan's famous hotdog eating contest. >> i'm a lucky guy. to be able to travel around the world and heat and make people smile. >> crews put the final touches on the massive macy's fireworks display. this year's show is actually the biggest show that we've had because we use 60,000 shells spread across five barges in the east river. >> reporte: more than 15,000 people proud to become americans in time to celebrate the fourth. dozens of naturalization ceremonies taking place all across the country the past couple of days. >> this place has basically everything people want, freedom, freedom of speech, religion and safety. >> reporter: that young man from columbia just became a citizen in south port yesterday just voted the best seaside town to celebrate joel july forth. in south port, north carolina, anna kooiman, fox news. >> as our sun tree celebrates the city of philadelphia is celebratingcelebrating contempoy
10:31 pm
makers. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men, all men are created equal. >> not just every in it one readinreadingreadinreading the f independence, that was boyz ii men. councilman johnson honored the singers as part of the wawa welcome american festival. all part of the celebration featuring floats, musical performance and and plenty of history lessons. >> wonderful to see so many people coming out to celebrate what our country is all about. freedom for all and celebrating our independence. >> there you go. also today, free admission to the national museum of jew we shall history and the philadelphia history museum. as family and friends gathered to celebrate our nation's independence others facefaced the prospect of anothr lonely holiday until a local organization stepped up with food and fellowship and hope our bill anderson spent the day with a group that serves the homeless and gives them something to celebrate for goodness sake.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: in 21 years we've never closed our doors for the home and today is even critical for them because so many places are closed. ♪ >> reporter: not even a mile away from where all the fourth of july festivities are taking place there's a different kind of celebration going on here for people who may not have a meal or a family to share it with. >> a lot of folks are having a barbecue, chicken dinner with their family. sitting around a barbecue pitt with hotdogs and hamburgers and good laughs but the folks that are homeless that are impoverished, that are sit tag shelter don't have a place to call home. >> reporter: brian jenkins and the chosen thee hundred ministries serve the homeless and provide resources daily but on a holiday that combines up pennsylvania and family time, they want to do be for them in a special way. >> it's about reaching out to the whole man, not just the person that is -- needs some food but some people -- someone that needs some hope. >> reporter: that's what their fourth of july celebration
10:33 pm
provided. first volunteers gathered to prepare the meal and gift bags. as the guests arrived, they were greeted by inspirational songs from mrs. jenkins -- ♪ >> reporter: -- and a message from brian jenkins. have a relationship with god. >> the guests ate. i could tell treating the guests with respect was crucial. so much so that brian even took issue with frequently used language. >> we don't feed. feeding is something you would do at the zoo. we serve. >> reporter: tony bennett one of the people being served he told me being respected on a holiday and every day was something that unfortunately is even from their families. >> there are families that rejected them, and, um, left them to be on their own, because mistakes they might have made. or it may just be because they look down on them and they don't
10:34 pm
understand what these people are going through. >> reporter: and what he was going through. >> i was sleeping on a church floor on mat where spiders crawling across the floor. >> reporter: the people at the chosen 300 shown him and other as little love goes a long way. >> i needed my haircut, and i came in here and brian walked me down the street and paid the barber cut my hair report roar the little things. today it was a meal at the chosen 300 but brian hopes tomorrow it may be something else. and maybe someone else. >> father extended kindness to you not necessarily to have and to consume but to see how i can be a blessing to others. >> reporter: don it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ here in pennsylvania, it's not just phil until has a big connection to this particular day. the battle of gettysburg, of course, a huge moment in our country's history. hundreds of people gathered for a reenactment today of the
10:35 pm
battle of gettysburg of the blasts of more than 2,000 yankee and confederate reenactors filled the town as they faced off on the 154th anniversary of the civil war battle. it was one of the bloodiest in american history and today a few who showed up were actually upset couldn't federal flag was involved. the response from those behind the reenactment. >> we're just doing history. just telling the story of what happened in this country at the greatest battle. it's hard to do that without flags. >> 51,000 either died or wounded in the balance of gettysburg in just three days. you know a new report shows that while delaware public school students are becoming more diverse they're teachers are not. data released by the department of education shows the percentage of non whitey hers is around 15%. however when it comes to students that number stands at about 55%. some studies have shown having diverse teacher work force can lead to higher levels of student achievement.
10:36 pm
all righty. so that is not what you want to see as you're about to drive under an overpass a tractor trailer dangling right over your car. hmm. no thank you. and a woman steals a car, winds up stuck in a sink hole. what do you think? karma? hmm. ♪ >> we're keeping our eyes on the parkway. we're still waiting on firewor fireworks. weather delayed the big show. mary j. blige will take the stage for while. make sure the equipment is all good. now that's push back the fireworks show. when are they going to start? we're not quite sure yet. ten minutes or so. we're hoping.
10:37 pm
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10:40 pm
very scary situation at overpass. a tractor trailer dangling. the truck overturned yesterday near el paso, texas. crews spent hours trying to right that tractor trailer. don't know why the driver lot of control. authorities are still investigating what went so very wrong there. now in new mexico they're calling it karma. police say a car they have had to hoof it yesterday after she stole the car, then got swallowed up by a sink hole in a big one at that. neighbors say a woman an dog were inside that car before it fell into that hole. >> she got back in the car and she tried to back it out herse herself. out of but it didn't. the more she, um, pressed on the gas, the deeper it got. >> well, eventually she was able to climb out of that car along with her dog. police say a water main break is behind the sink hole. the woman is still on the loose.
10:41 pm
fourth of july firework hallmark of celebrating freedom dom but for some men women who risked their lives defending that freedom firework bring them right back to the horrors of the battle feel m veterans say the explosions of fireworks can trigger their post trauma stress disorder. >> you set off an explosive next to guy whose been blown up for a year it will cause problems. my heart rate immediately jumps. the shortness of breath. >> some wounded warriors say they turn up the music or shut the windows as dietly as they can when firework go off. u.s. department of veterans affairs says fireworks can trigger ptsd in 20% of vets. up peps day the perfect time to do that hit the slopes. well, if you live in california it's been a really good snow year. back here at home it started as picture perfect day for the holiday but then it all changed mop nikau. >> look at thighs firework behind us as we look at the parkway. love catching that. we'll see cooler than average
10:42 pm
temperatures over the next few days. i'm mapping it out for in you your full forecast. stick around. >> monica, that is beautiful there. the show is finally started over the parkway. enjoy. ♪ >> ♪ america, sweet, america (male announcer) remember when taking a bath and going for a swim
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♪ >> i really don't want to talk. i just want to listen to this. so beautiful. >> ♪ >> ♪ or the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> there you have it. >> fireworks life on the ben franklin parkway right here in the birthplace of our nation. what a great place to be tonig tonight. towns throughout our area having been holding celebrations from the fourth from parades to bike races folks are putting their own twist on america's
10:46 pm
birthplace. fox 29's joyce evans traveled all rover the delaware valley to get a taste of how locals spent the fourth. ♪ >> reporter: it had every sight and sound you would expect from an old small town main street parade. >> happy fourth of july! >> reporter: except. >> 1520 yards behind them. >> he's the mayor of evesham. >> red, white and blue, happy fourth to you! >> reporter: he's not riding inside a fancy convertible with a bunch of dignitaries. >> i've never ridden along. i stand at main and maple and direct the whole parade i've never actually seen the parade. >> reporter: mayor randy brown can't help himself the former athlete and nfl super bowl winning kicking coach can't stand on the side lines. >> i think once a football coach always football coach. i don't care if you're the mayor or a coach and i love it. just to see the smiles on the kids faces why we do it. >> it takes up all my attention. i can't take my eyes off of it.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: the little ones can't standstill with all the bands passing by. >> you like the music? >> yes. >> coming every year enjoying the sights and sounds. >> this is probably the best time you can come out and meet anybody. >> reporter: neighbors, people about time and big city new yorkers quite impressed by small down nj. >> thank you for your service as always. >> this the best part i get to interact with everybody right here. >> reporter: definitely a contact sport for the mayor but he can get to pumped up. >> the band through me out. they won't let me start dancing they were afraid their big tuba would run me over. >> even the mayor gets called for a bad may. >> hurt my emotions. through the mayor off the para parade. >> ♪ >> reporter: and we thank them for their service today and every day. from the small towns of new jersey to the big crowds of penn's landing, joyce evans, fox 29 news. plenty of folks hitting beach for the holiday but others
10:48 pm
are hitting the ski slopes. turns out the fourth of july is the perfect time to ski at least in northern california. at least in 2017. check out the snow in squall valley conditions are just right to hit the slopes because the heavy and deep snow pack is yet to completely melt from this past winter which is amazing thing for drought stricken everything. that snow pack is everything when it comes to the water table on your radar heavy downpours rolling through parts of our tonight. it wasn't enough to dampen the amazing fireworks show over the ben franklin parkway as you just saw. speaking of thanks things going on in the sky, monica cryan has your forecast in 15 seconds. >> i'm sure for our travelers heading back from the shore
10:49 pm
pretty bogged down. temperatures into the 70s and some areas like sea isle upper 60s. 73 for those of us in ocean ci city. 70 degrees if ocean city. wider view temperatures mostly in the 70s. in pottstown, lancaster, 76 degrees in allentown. much cooler in mount pocono 60 degrees. here's a look at the current setup. this is what brought those thunder storms through the region and the skies opened up. and we had one cell roll through parts of philadelphia unfortunately causing some problems. this frontal system is going to continue to bring us isolated shower chances through the next few hours and then as we head into tomorrow morning, look for isolated shower a lot of cloud cover into the afternoon. a break in the clouds, nice sunshine partly cloudy as we head into our wednesday, thursday, increasing cloud cover and those rain chances. morning time pretty quiet just cloudy then as we head into the afternoon looking at scattered showers and thunderstorms into our thursday. your highs for tomorrow, 86 degrees in philadelphia. 83 for those of us in pottstown.
10:50 pm
81 in dover. wilmington coming in about 84. 79 for those of us in wildwood. showing you your seven day forecast, temperatures today near 90. as we head into tomorrow, and through the next few days, you can see we're in the mid to lower 80s. i don't mind that. you may not need to use your asian conditioner to much. as we head into thursday storm chances especially through the afternoon. storm chances shower chances continue into our early friday morning. and then it does look like by friday afternoon it starts to clear up. just in time for another weekend and we've got a summer weekend to look forward tom mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday. temperatures staying in the mid to low 80s. sean? thes mvp had had nothing say about markelle fultz. >> see how the phils led one man -- that's coming up next in
10:51 pm
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ ♪ the phillies had chance to win three in row for the first time in a month. the team finally have get something timely hitting begun pitching but unfortunately the
10:54 pm
phils couldn't provide any fireworks this fourth of july. fans holiday spirit you see the flag shirts, the red and white and blue. bases loaded for the pirates. sack fly. herrera throws it to home. the pitcher cuts it off throws to third and gets the out. great play. limiting the damage. now in the sixth one-zip pirat pirates. mccutcheon solo shot to left to give the pirates a two to zero lead. he was not done yet. in the eighth mccutcheon obliterates this ball. look at this one upper decker. the phils go on to lose three three-zero. to the nbc gordan hayward headed to boston finally they get themselves a big name guy. hayward will be the first all star this season to go from the western conference to the east. so the celtics creeping up on the cavs. the summer league tomorrow the sixers will play in utah against utah.
10:55 pm
markelle fultz look great in his first summer league. smooth 17 points today he talk about how he felt in his first game as a sixer. >> i think i showed people, um, my defensive end. what i can do on the defensive seive end. i played hard. first time i played five on five in long time. i did a good job going out there and competing. >> after the game fultz got some love from kevin duran. he tweeted... for those who don't understand he basically said fultz had a nice hesitation move and made a nice jump shot. today fultz talked about his relationship with kd. >> kd and me next all the time he's been like an older brother to me giving me pointers through college and high school. like i said he's from the area. he's been one of my favorite players i seen him work out plenty of times in the gym. like i said he's like an older
10:56 pm
brother. >> another thing synonomous with the fourth of july hotdog eating contest. we know tony chestnut locks this ink up every year. on coney island joey chestnut dominating. i said 71. it was actually 72. >> 72. >> 72. one shy of the record. all i got to say are you kidding me? how is he not a big big blob. >> he does that just for the contest. it's not like he eats that wage he probably eats vegeburgers. >> he actually trained for it. >> i know. >> just to train alone would gain me 30 pounds the. >> the training is drinking a lot of water to expand your stomach so you can hold that. >> i just don't understand. >> water weight you would think. >> all of it together. >> you can actually over hydra hydrate. that is interesting. that does it for us at 10:00. pearl harbor you know was one of
10:57 pm
worse attacks on american soil of course but if not are the heroics act of one man it could have been a lot worse. it is a story you probably never heard of. we got your wake up weather, seven day forecast in the first five minutes. you guys buy your mega millions ticket. >> the live lottery drawing next. ♪
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